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If you're facing a hard time securing loans to grow your business, we can help!

We provide businesses up to $500K of UNSECURED as well as SECURED financing. Use the loan to grow your business, hire employees, buy equipment, invest in a growth marketing program. 

The 3 Golden Questions

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we can help with up to $500,000 in unsecured financing.

1. Do you have a 680 credit rating or higher? If not, do you have someone that can apply for you who does?

2. Do you have a business that is generating $15,000 per month in revenues with at least 6 months in business?

3. Do you or someone willing to apply have $40,000 in an IRA or 401K not with a current employer?

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Financing Solutions - 3 questions
Startup Funding

Startup Funding

Receive unsecured Personal and Business funding up to $350,000. It's a personal credit-driven product that requires at least a single guarantor to have 660+ credit. Enjoy 0% interest rates for about 21 months, fast approvals, and a quick turnaround.

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Revenue-Based Loan and Advances

Got a lacking credit history; yet outstanding business revenue? We offer true loans as well as advances that range from $10,000 to $1 million. We judge a business' health on the basis of its cash flow – not just the credit scores. Our in-depth small business understanding helps us provide capital to businesses within 48 hours.

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Revenue-based Loans and Advances
Franchise Funding

Franchise Funding 

All thanks to our partner banks, we offer Franchise Funding options with fast in-house approvals that are subject to streamlined documentation as well as a closing process. Creative loan structures with terms up to about 25 years. Rates vary anywhere between 6.25% and 7.25%* (*Loans have a variable rate of Prime Rate plus 2.75% to 3.75%).

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SBA Loans

Planning to buy a business or taking your profitable business to heights? Well-established businesses with tax returns showcasing good cash flow will be subject to extensive funding. All are subject to 6-8% interest rates and generous 10-25 years payback terms. Our processing team will be holding your hand all along the way right from packaging to funding. SBA Loans will take anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months to fund but they are subject to the highest loan amounts and best interest rates.

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SME Financing - SBA Loans
SME Funding - Retirement Asset-Based Funding

Retirement Assets-Based Funding

With Business Directed Retirement Account (BDRA), you can invest your retirement assets into new or established businesses without any taxable distributions or penalties. This program allows you to start or expand your business in a debt-free manner, allowing you to reach profitability faster with no banks, no loans and no credit checks involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best loan size you can take?

We provide up to $500K per loan.

Are these unsecured loans we are talking about?

We provide not just unsecured, but unsecured loans as well.

To be eligible for an unsecured loan, you should have a 680 or above credit score or a verified income source. 

What are the unsecured loan terms?

Here are the usual terms:

Loan Terms: 3, 5, or 7 years

Prepayment Penalty: None

Rates: High-single, low-double digits (About 6-12% on an average)

Funding Period: Typically 2-4 weeks after receiving an executed agreement

What are the other loan types offered by Trebor Digital Agency?

We provide all kinds of unsecured and secured, business loans, including credit cards and lines of credit. 

We also craft the best financing strategy for our clients depending on their status and needs. 

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Help your clients get the funding they need to grow their business. We offer loans up to $500K, depending on a business' credit score and revenue stream. 

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