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We Sponsor Nonprofit Organizations In The United States

For the first time ever, you can raise funds for your organization without asking for donations, volunteers or asking your supporters to purchase items they don’t really need. Everyone wins and there is zero cost to you or your supporters, just profits.

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A Unique Way Of Sponsorship

Raise Funds Without Asking For Money

Raise the funds you need by helping your supporters.

Supporters Get Money Back Into Their Wallets

Put money back into their wallets month-after-month

You Raise Funds - Your Supporters Save Money

No more anxiety to both you and your supporters.

At No Cost To You Or Your Supporters

Put a smile back on the faces of your supporters.

Happy couple saving month month-after-month
Couple happy about massive savings on their monthly bills

How A Nonprofit Makes Money

We built a website for you for FREE.

Your supporters uploads their bills in a secure and private area.

You get paid for every bill uploaded, irrespective whether we can negotiate a saving or not.

How Your Supporters Saves Money

Supporters uploads their monthly bills onto a secure and private site.

Our team of expert negotiators immediately gets to work to lower your bills.

We present your supporter with the savings we have negotiable. Only if the supporter excepts the savings will the savings be implemented.

The supporter enjoys ongoing monthly savings.

Couple happy about massive savings on their monthly bills

Your Information Is Safe And Secure

Our site uses an SHA-250 algorithm with RSA Encryption to keep your personal info safe from hackers

We will not sell or share your info with any third parties and we're committed to protecting your privacy.

Your Information Is Secure!
Secure Personal Information

We negotiate lower bills, So you don't have to. Our service is 100% free, even if we can't save you money.

Types of Bills We Can Lower

What Nonprofit Supporters Say About Us

Testimonials about the savings that were realized with our sponsorship program

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